Lecture and conference on climate ethics on March 4-5, 2024

PD Dr. Raphaela Meyer zu Hörste-Bührer and Prof. Dr. Ruben Zimmermann (Mainz) from the steering committee of the research center "Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity" invite experts and interested people to an ecumenical conference on 4/5 March 2024 under the title "Is not the word of the Lord like a fire ...?" (Jer 23:29). On the (in)ability of theology to communicate in the context of the climate crisis" (Wallstraße 7, 55122 Mainz). Invited are well-known speakers from the theological climate ethics discourse such as Prof. Dr. Markus Vogt (Munich), Prof. Dr. Julia Enxing (Dresden), PD Dr. Frederike van Oorschot (Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Manemann (Hanover) or Prof. Dr. Carolin Neuber (Trier), but also people who work at the crossroads of academic theology, church and society, such as Dr. Hubert Meisinger (ZGV) or Arnd Henze (WDR). See details in the flyer

On the evening of March 4, 2024 (7 p.m.), there will be a public lecture by Prof. Dr. Annette Kehnel (Mannheim) on the topic "Is history the lighthouse of sustainability? The power of narratives in the context of the climate crisis". The historian Annette Kehnel is the author of the Spiegel bestseller "Wir konnten auch anders. A brief history of sustainability" (5th ed. 2022).

We cordially ask you to register in advance for planning purposes (ruben.zimmermann@uni-mainz.de).

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