e/αc – Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity

Welcome to the homepage of the Mainz research center for “Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity” (e/αc)!

The center for “Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity” was established in 2009 and provides a forum for scholars in the disciplines of Old Testament, New Testament, Church History/Patristics, and Systematic Theology/Ethics to engage in a focused exchange of ideas with researchers in other areas of antiquity (Jewish Studies, Classics, ancient Near Eastern studies, ancient philosophy, and ancient history) as well as in contemporary ethics and moral philosophy.
The goal of the center is to establish an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the grounds of and justification for ethics in antiquity (especially in early Christianity) with a view towards its relevance for contemporary ethical discourse and practical application (e.g., ethics and sports, bioethics).
In this approach, the center focuses particular attention on the consideration of non-rational, literary forms of ethical reflection, as found, for instance, in narratival or metaphorical ethics along with the present focus upon the study of the connection between ethics and time.

For further information concerning the center or the possibility of pursuing doctoral studies or participating in a post-doctoral project, please contact us.